How to laser cut?

* Design in vectors and/ or closed paths

* Fonts need to become outlines

* Export to DXF format

* Ungoup all objects as they are invisible to the laser application


Make sure:

There are no double/ overlapping lines

There are no double/ overlapping shapes


Usefull commands:

Join and expand (Adobe Illustrator)

Overkill (Autodesk Autocad)

Make 2D (McNeel Rhinoceros)


We recommend:

To plan in top view



Bring your own material as we have no materials available for sale

We have a cutting area of up to 158cm x 90cm

We can cut up to 18mm thickness materials but contact us beforehand to make sure that we can do the job for you


Laser on existing objects:

Cutting or engraving on existing products (Diaries, Bags, is possible to reach a height of not more than 20 cm.